Comprehensive Divorce and Family Law Representation



"Let me start off by saying that Jessica is the best attorney we have EVER Hired! She really cares, she is really there to help for the best interest of the children. She was able to restrict my husbands ex from moving all over the place and providing a unsteady home for our children and restricting her to one County/State. She was able to drop his child support payments by 35% based on his income and not by what he used to make. She was always very upfront with us, knew what was best for my husband and the children... When I say this Woman cares, she cares! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that's looking for an honest and trustworthy attorney! Thank you Jessica! ***Robert & Myra***" 


"I hired Jessica a year ago to help me defend myself against a team of bloodthirsty lawyers my ex wife hired. She kept the wolves at bay and helped me get visitation with my son back. I originally hired Jessica because she was affordable and allowed payment plans where other lawyers wanted a ridiculous amount of money that I didn't have. 1 year later my divorce is final, I have weekends with my son again, AND I got everything Jessica promised I would. Even after my case has been closed, I still call to ask questions occasionally and she is always willing to answer them. Highly recommended!" 


"Jessica wasn't just my lawyer. She was also one my biggest supporters and a friend. In any legal situation especially one dealing with family, it is very important to find an attorney who possesses those qualities. She made sure I stayed informed and was very honest about all of the potential outcomes of my case. I will definitely hire her again (I'm sure I'm going to need to) and I recommend that you do to.

Thanks Again Jessica!"


"I’ve used her services for quite a while and, let me say, quite clearly, that hiring her was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. She repeatedly had prompt and specific answers for me, immediately notified me of court dates and case progress, came early to court to sign us up ahead of the line, and was always available by phone or email. She was impressively informed and knowledgeable about uncommon, potential future circumstances that needed to be addressed, and she promptly brought them to my attention. When it finally came time for court, she definitely knew her stuff, and it showed - we won hands down! Her prices were fair, too! Overall, she does a fantastic job! 


"Let me start off by saying that Jessica is amazing!! My ex and I went to court for child custody about 10 years ago. We came to an agreement that our son would stay with him, but no child support. Years later, he tried getting child back support with a court order already on in place! Jessica not only got me custody of my son, but completely turned the tables, where he then owed me child support. He never saw a penny from me; which was awesome, because it turns out that he only wanted me to pay him child support because he quit his job and didn't want to work anymore! Bravo Jessica!! I highly recommend her if you need any help with any kind of family issues!"


"Jessica is not like ANY of the attorneys I have dealt with in the past. She handled my case with my best interest in mind. She is very honest and trustworthy. She has given me the confidence to know that, if I need someone to represent me, I would not hesitate to contact her! If you are tired of dealing with stereotypical attorneys, please call Jessica Burkett! You'll be glad you did! "